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The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, was founded in 1978, The discipline of environmental engineering, which is the primary focuses of the institute has been accredited to offer M.S. degrees since 1983, and Ph.D degrees since 1990. It has become Key Sponsored Discipline of Zhejiang Province since 1996, and was authorized to establish environmental science and engineering post-doctoral station, and was selected as Key Discipline of Zhejiang Province in 1999. Since 2007, it has become National Key Discipline .The discipline was also granted the doctoral station of first-level discipline of environmental science and engineering, and is listed as one of the primary subjects of Zhejiang University in 211 Projects.
There are 17 research members and the dean of the institute is Prof. Chen Ying-xu. Through over 20 years' hard efforts, the institute has earned distinction and superiority in the fields of ' Environment Pollution Simulation & Control' , ' Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil and Agricultural Product Safety' , ' Water & Lake Pollution Control', ' Solid Waste Pollution Control & Reclamation' ,' Environmental Biology & Ecological Engineering'  and ' Environmental Planning and Environmental Information Technology' , which are widely recognized by domestic craft brothers, and also has some academic influence in the world. The institute is one of the leading academic institutions in its field in China and with international recognition as well. It has formed a high-diathesis faculty with reasonable structure of both experience and knowledge, and has established a multi-level system of talent cultivation with doctor, master, undergraduate and further education, sending large numbers of excellent talents to famous domestic and foreign academic institutions and municipal governments as well.
The Scientific Objectives of Institute of Environment Science and Technology are: to aim at the important needs of the Yangtse River Delta and national ecological environment; to take full advantage of new developments in the fields such as life science, information science, material science, etc.; to take the ecosystem of basin-lake, soil-plant and town-country as the main research object, to utilize environmental biotechnology and ecological engineering as the key measurement, to develop basic strategic and forward-looking research on bioremediation of contaminated soil, control and treatment of water (lake) pollution, control of agricultural non-point source pollution, treatment and reclamation of solid waste; to illuminate the mechanisms of pollution and bioremediation at the point of view of molecular mechanism, micro-interface interaction and macro ecosystem succession; to bring forward control strategies of water, soil and solid waste pollution at layer of technology, management and policy; to provide scientific basement for all levels' national decision-making.
It will be soon that the institute becomes one of the most important bases of environmental and ecological science research, the team of which is the hardcore of solving important environmental and ecological problems of China, and becomes an international topping research center of environmental and ecological science and technology.
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